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Whether it’s a bathroom remodeling for a small powder room in the entry, a master bathroom suite, or bathroom remodeling for your adjoining kids’ rooms, the bathroom renovation project needs to address your lifestyle, personal needs, and enhance your home’s design style.

A beautiful updated bathroom is a great investment. It not only improves the comfort of your home, it can increase its resale value as well. Some experts say that the investment return on an average bathroom remodeling project is 80 to 90 percent!

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In addition to updating old plumbing and fixtures, your bathroom remodeling project is the perfect chance to add color and creativity to your home. Creative wall finishes, artistic tile and updated basins and fixtures can be combined for a beautiful, one-of-a-kind room. With help from our skilled designers and craftsmen, you can choose a traditional, modern or eclectic look. Because bathrooms are typically the smallest rooms in a house, our clients are pleasantly surprised that they can afford more luxurious choices such as marble and granite floors and designer fixtures.
Stylish free-standing vanities have replaced built-in cabinets with old-fashioned, utilitarian appeal. You’ll find traditional vanities that resemble antiques and modern vanities with sleek, contemporary features. Exquisite wood, painted and lacquered finishes and innovative, energy-efficient fixtures add luxurious appeal. Free-standing vanities come with single and double sinks in a variety of styles with drawers and storage or raised legs that create an airy, open space.


Soaking tubs provide spa-like features that are extremely popular with today’s homeowners. Tubs come in modern, free-standing styles, as well as built-in and sunken styles that complement any bathroom design and decor. Sunken tubs, when bordered by flooring materials, resemble a floating pool of water that creates a unique bathroom feature. Soaking tubs are equipped with various controls and water jets to enhance the full spa treatment.


Today’s top bathroom remodel contractor knows that bathrooms include modern-style rain showers to offer a zen-like experience. Shower remodeling often includes shower heads with multiple water functions; overhead shower heads; hand held shower heads; body sprays; rain bars; and comfortable platforms or ledges to sit down and relax. Many of our shower remodels also include built-in soap and shampoo dispensers, LED lighting that changes colors, and built-in music systems for the ultimate in shower luxury.


Have you ever wondered whether a sleek, stylish shower enclosure could transform the look of your outdated bathroom? Yes, it can! Let the bathroom remodeling experts from Statewide Remodeling show you how easy it is to revolutionize the look of your shower. We offer shower enclosures of the highest quality in a wide range of designs so you can say goodbye to mildewed shower curtains and messy water spills forever.
There’s a variety of material choices in natural stones, ceramic, and porcelain tiles that work well for bathroom floors. When selecting a bathroom flooring material, emphasis should be on safety to prevent falls and materials that are easy to clean and maintain. Make sure flooring materials provide a slip-resistant surface and easy maintenance requirements.


Bathrooms stay wet or damp much of the time, so moisture settles onto numerous surfaces. Walls and ceilings accumulate moisture which often leads to mold and mildew, especially in showers. Glazed tiles and polished stone finishes are best for walls, because they don’t absorb moisture and they are easy to clean. If you use individual tiles with grout, a sealer will protect the grout from building up mold and mildew, a common bathroom problem.
Of all the simple ways to update your bathroom, mirrors and lighting can have the most dramatic effect. Simply changing the size, shape, location, or number of mirrors in the bathroom can make a small room appear larger or reflect other decorative qualities. Adding more lighting or a dimmer switch will drastically change the mood of the room, as will switching from fluorescent lighting to recessed lighting. You can also consider adding natural light through windows, or for an interior bathroom through a skylight.


Swapping out the sink faucet or shower head is an easy way to improve the look of any bathroom in a cost-effective way. Depending on the age and condition of the current fixture, you may also end up improving the water pressure. Any home improvement store near you will offer a wide range of fixtures, ensuring that you’ll find something to fit the style of your bathroom. Thinking of other home improvement projects like a kitchen, or room addition? Find out about some of our other specialties on our home remodeling page.

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