Drywall Installation

Installation Services In Edmonton & Area

Drywall installation, when done without proper knowledge or tools, can turn into nightmare for any homeowners. We, at Cambria Home Improvement, have the team and the experience needed for any drywall installation, repair, as well as taping and mudding services.
As such, for exceptional drywall installation, taping and mudding services in Edmonton, call Cambria Home Improvement at (780) 278-1084 or contact us for a free estimate.

Drywall Taping and Mudding

Experienced Taping and Mudding Contractors

The nature of the task itself makes it onerous and daunting, making it something that is to be left completely at the mercy of experienced drywall installers.
Any drywall work that has been completed by amateurs would fail to deliver the benefits of one, which can even jeopardize the safety of the residents at times.
So why waste your money on a poorly done drywall finishing when you can get top notch solutions from Cambria Home Improvement! Backed by a wealth of experience gathered from working on countless drywall projects throughout Edmonton, we pride ourselves in successfully completing drywall installation, taping & mudding task using the highest quality of materials.
Be it a minor repair or a new construction, our pros can handle it all by employing hassle-free procedures that are guaranteed to deliver aesthetics and utility. Our working process is quick and all-inclusive, which means that we’d focus on saving you time and ensure a visually pleasing drywall in your property with smooth finishing, soundproofing & energy efficient insulation and great ceiling aesthetics.

Residential and Commercial

Home and Business Drywall Installers

Drywall installation for residential homes and commercial properties anywhere in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. Whether for a new basement, a full house, or a new office, we install drywall for any small or large project.
Don’t hesitate contact our drywall installer to get started working on your drywall soon.



1/2-in. drywall is the best choice for most walls and some ceilings. If you’re doing repairs or renovations in a house that was built in the ‘50s or ‘60s, you may very well have 3/8-in. drywall. You’ll want to match that thickness to patch an existing wall.